1st European Conference on Deposit Systems

Lithuania, Norway • November 2018

Hosted by Reloop Platform in cooperation with Užstato Sistemos Administratorius (USAD – operator of Lithuania’s deposit system) and INFINITUM (system operator from Norway), the 1st European Conference on Deposit Return Systems took place from 20-22 November 2018. The conference, which provided an opportunity to learn about best practice examples in the implementation of circular economy principles, brought together stakeholders and experts on DRS including legislators, operators, recyclers and beverage producers.

Conference Materials 




Andoni Uriarte, RECIRCULA: Efficient Collection System as a Precondition for High Quality Recycling (Transcript, PowerPoint slides)

Anatol Shagun, VTOROPERATOR, Belarus: Implementation of Deposit System as a Part of Sustainable Waste Management Strategy by 2035 (Transcript, PowerPoint slides)

Stella Slučiaková, Institute for Environment Policy, Slovakia: Analysis of the Introduction of Deposit Refund System in Slovakia (Transcript, PowerPoint slides)

Alessandro Pasquale, MATTONI: Leading the Way Towards Sustainable Management of the Product’s Life Cycle (Transcript, PowerPoint slides)

Kjell Olav Maldum, INFINITUM: Norwegian deposit system – Circular Economy Par Excellence (Transcript, PowerPoint slides)

Gintaras Varnas, USAD: Lithuanian Deposit System – Environmental Champion in Eastern Europe (Transcript, PowerPoint slides)

Clarissa Morawski, RELOOP PLATFORM: Wrap Up & Conclusions

Event Photos