A Call for EU Action on Recycled Content Mandates for Plastics

On 16 January 2018, the European Commission published its communication laying out a strategy for plastics in a circular economy. The first-ever EU Plastics Strategy identifies key challenges, including  low reuse and recycling rates for plastic waste, the GHG emissions associated with plastics production and incineration, and the presence of plastic waste in oceans, and proposes a comprehensive set of measures to address these problems (e.g. plastic bans, collection targets, labelling requirements, etc.).

Reloop welcomes the voluntary commitments introduced in the European Commission’s Plastics Strategy to boost the uptake of recycled plastics, but we believe that without minimum recycled content legislation there is not enough incentive for product manufacturers to shift from using virgin to recycled plastic feedstock on a long-term basis.

This position paper outlines our position on recycled content for plastics and offers specific recommendations for EU policy-makers to increase the utilization of recycled materials in plastic products and packaging.

To read our Call for Action, which is endorsed by over 30 organisations and companies, click here.