Deposits for Beverage Containers: Setting the System Framework Through Legislation

Sustainable waste management is an important part of the transition to a circular economy. With the objective to minimize the negative impacts on the environment and at the same time close the loop for recyclable materials, many countries have decided to implement a deposit system for beverage containers. Such a system involves many significant changes in the individual market and requires comprehensive legal regulations on a national level.

Lithuania, which recently implemented a deposit scheme in 2016, as well as Scotland, where deposit regulations were adopted in May this year, both served as important role models during a webinar organized by Reloop Platform on the 17th of June. Experts and bureaucrats from across Europe had the opportunity to discuss how to design and establish well performing DRS schemes through legislation in different socio-economic conditions and retail market structures.

Webinar materials, available below, present useful guidelines based on the Scottish and Lithuanian experiences, as well as a useful summary of common provisions in existing European deposit legislation.

Webinar materials