Position Paper on South Australia’s SUPs and Container Deposit Scheme

On February 22nd, 2019, the Australian Council of Recycling (ACOR) in association with Reloop Platform submitted to South Australia’s scoping study of options to better manage single use plastics (SUP) and reform the state’s Container Deposit Scheme (CDS).

The submission includes recommendations that SA utilizes the European Union’s recent directive on SUPs which include:

  • Bans on certain products such as plastic straws and polystyrene food containers to be replaced by compostable alternatives
  • New collection schemes for various SUP products
  • Better packaging design to allow for recycling including recycled content mandates
  • Collection targets
  • Education and other measures to encourage a lowering in consumption of SUPs

In terms of the CDS reform agenda the submission suggests;

  • Governance reform to allow for greater recycler access and increased consumer convenience
  • Establishing incentives and policy settings, such as mandates for eligible container targets for recycled content and not just recyclability
  • Including wine bottles in the scheme
  • Allowing for additional increases in the deposit level
  • Exclusion of certain materials such as PVC that contaminate plastic streams
  • Encouraging the use of refillable containers

Click here to download the position paper.

For further information: Robert Kelman, Director Reloop Pacific; Coordinator, ACOR, CD Division 0423 573278