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Reloop has produced videos in several different languages describing how a Deposit Return System (DRS) works. Other videos outline our position on the Circular Economy, educate about the Single Use Plastics Directive and other recent EU legislation, and about specific best practices to make a DRS more effective.

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Reports and Position Papers

These resources cover a wide array of topics related to waste reduction public policy.


To download our various reports and position papers, click here.


Articles written by members of the Reloop team have appeared in such publications as Resource Recycling, the Loop, Solid Waste and Recycling magazine, and more.


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Fact Sheets

These resources were created to provide stakeholders with an overview of some of the various aspects of deposit return systems (DRS), including statistics on system performance, handling fees, and the economic impacts of DRS on municipal budgets.

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Presentations and Webinars

Our presentations cover a number of topics including extended producer responsibility (EPR) for packaging, developments in European legislation, reusable packaging, and best practices in deposit return. Recorded versions of select live webinars are also available. You can access these resources by clicking here.


On the Reuse page you will find discussion of how we can shift from the model of disposable packaging towards one where we reuse our packages for food, beverage, other consumer goods, B2B transport packaging, and links to organisations that are involved with reusing items that are commonly disposed of at end-of-life.