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Publications and Studies (Old)

Publications & Studies

Fact Sheets

Factsheet #1: Economic Impacts on Municipalities 

Factsheet #2: Public Support (Opinion Polls)

Factsheet #3: System Performance (Return Rates) 

Factsheet #4: Handling Fees

Factsheet #5: Policy Instruments to Promote Refillable Beverage Containers


Rethinking Economic Incentives for Separate Collection (July 2017) 

Deposit Systems for One-Way Beverage Containers: Global Overview (2016)

Full report – ENGLISH

Full report – FRENCH

Full report – CHINESE

European chapter – ENGLISH

Canadian chapter – ENGLISH

U.S. chapter – ENGLISH

Australian chapter – ENGLISH

Israel – ENGLISH

Palau, Kiribati, Kosrae (Federated States of Micronesia) – ENGLISH

Making the Switch: The Business Case for Reusable Packaging 

Dispatches from Europe articles

November 2017 – In My Opinion: It’s Time for Recycled-Content Mandates

 September 2017 – In My Opinion: Opportunities amid the uncertainty

July 2017 – In My Opinion: The push for refillable packaging

February 2017 – Dispatches from Europe: The uncertain future of waste to energy

December 2016 – Dispatches from Europe: Why deposit return is EPR

September 2016 – Dispatches from Europe: Getting tough on food waste

July 2016 – Dispatches from Europe: Is Brexit bad news for an evolving industry?

June 2016 – Dispatches from Europe: Why container deposit systems are gaining ground

June 2016 – Dispatches from Europe: A rush of regulations on plastic bags

May 2016 – Dispatches from Europe: Why revamping recycling measurement is no simple task

March 2016 – Dispatches from Europe: Circular Economy Explained

Position Papers

Position Paper on the upcoming European Commission’s Strategy on Plastics (January 2018)

Position Paper on the European Commission’s Legislative Proposals on Waste under the Circular Economy Package (February 2016)

Top Ten Priorities for Circular Economy Package (June 2015)

Annual Year in Review

2017 Year in Review

2016 Year in Review

Other Articles, Reports

Looking Ahead: A Closer Look at Targets in Europe’s Circular Economy Package

EPR: The Cornerstone of a Circular Economy

Renewed Support for Deposit-Return in Belgium

Reloop: Vision of a Circular Economy



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