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Published Articles

Members of the Reloop team have published several articles on the topics of reusable packaging, deposit return, recycled content, and meaningful measurement in top international magazines and trade journals. Below, you can find a sample of these publications:


February 2023 - Deposits by the numbers 


December 2022 - How Hong Kong's plastic waste fight can set the course for Asia's future

November 2022 - Container deposit schemes under the microscope

November 2022 - Broad European coalition support ambitious action on Circular Beverage Packaging

October 2022 - Bin there, done that

April 2022 - Too many containers are being burned, buried, littered


December 2021 - South Australia's CDS reform needs direction

November 2021 - Opinion: How giving Americans money to recycle bottles and cans would slow climate change and boost the economy

May 2021 - Low value of cash rebate puts Hong Kong scheme to recycle plastic bottles at risk of failure

March 2021 - Deposit return systems are a key part of solving the plastic paradox

January 2021 - Deposit Data


June 2020 - In Our Opinion: Stay the course toward reusable packaging

April 2020 Talking Point: Stand up for the container refund scheme you deserve, not what big companies want

March 2020 - Dispatches from Europe: Trying to define 'single-use plastic'


December 2019 - Expert recommends higher container deposit scheme refunds

October 2019 - Pour le recyclage du plastique et du verre, la consigne est la seule solution

September 2019 - Consigne: 5 Idées fausses qui risquent de faire manquer un tournant écologique majeur à la France

September 2019 - AVRUPADA DEPOZITO SISTEMI NASIL ISLIYOR (in Turkish only)

Spring 2019 - Drink up! Beverage container recycling update

April/May 2019 - Are refillable beer bottles again possible in Australia?

April 2019 - Dispatches from Europe: Packaging reuse in the spotlight


October 2018 - Dispatches from Europe: A Step to Stem the Plastic Tide

September 2018 - In Our Opinion: Why deposits make sense for retailers

September 2018 - Buy, drink, return to the shop - deposit systems for single use beverage containers

June 2018 - Deposit Return: A Tried and Tested Solution for Scotland

May 2018 - In My Opinion: A Business Case for Deposit Return

January 2018 - Dispatches from Europe: EU plans big plastics changes

Winter 2018 - Return with interest (Interview with the Loop)


November 2017 - In My Opinion: It's Time for Recycled-Content Mandates

October 2017 - EPR: The Cornerstone of a Circular Economy

October 2017 - Looking Ahead: A Closer Look at Targets in Europe's Circular Economy Package

September 2017 - In My Opinion: Opportunities amid the uncertainty

July 2017 - In My Opinion: The push for refillable packaging

February 2017 - Dispatches from Europe: The uncertain future of waste to energy


December 2016 - Dispatches from Europe: Why deposit return is EPR

September 2016 - Dispatches from Europe: Getting tough on food waste

July 2016 - Dispatches from Europe: Is Brexit bad news for an evolving industry?

June 2016 - Dispatches from Europe: Why container deposit systems are gaining ground

June 2016 - Dispatches from Europe: A rush of regulations on plastic bags

May 2016 - Dispatches from Europe: Why revamping recycling measurement is no simple task

March 2016 - Dispatches from Europe: Circular Economy Explained


September 2015 - Renewed Support for Deposit-Return in Belgium

June/July 2015 - Reloop: Vision of a Circular Economy