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Reusable Packaging Platform (RPP)

The RPP is a network of reverse logistics companies, materials suppliers that make-up the value chain for reusable packages – transport and primary packaging.  We are building a coalition of all three reusable packaging sectors (consumer (bottles, bags, cups, bowls …) / transport (crates/totes/pallets) / industrial (barrels, IBCs etc ) - each very separate - but at the same time sharing common great stories of successful business in prevention through reuse.

Reloop facilitates dialogue, strategic planning and lobbying on behalf of the shared interests of the platform. The platform is material-neutral - all reusable packaging will be in scope – wood, plastic, metal, glass and fibre. The focus is on high quality reusable packaging which protects the product and has maximum rotations and final recycling.  The group’s aim is to work together to support the development of the Implementing Act on measuring reuse into the future and look for ways to expand the existing market share and create new opportunities for reusable packaging.

Goals of the RPP

1)   Implementation of new measuring methods at national level which makes sense and are reliable and meaningful;

2)   Supporting and guiding development of packaging reuse targets for consideration in 2024 EU waste legislation review and amendments ;

3)   Removal of economic, administrative and tax barriers on reuse versus single-use at a national and local level, using EU transposition of PPWD, WFD, SUPD  and Plastics Strategy as the means.

4)   Connect value chain to promote and pilot new pooling systems for consumer-based reusable packaging.


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Reusable Primary or Sales Packaging

This type of packaging covers all consumer goods packaging, or B2C (business-to-consumer) Packaging, including food and beverage packaging. Recent policy developments around the world limiting or banning single use plastic packaging have provided a golden opportunity for consumer based reusable packaging pooling systems. The RPP includes several European traditional and online retailers/delivery companies that are demonstrating that reusable B2C packaging is possible and smart business.

Reusable Beverage Packaging

Before the advent of the steel can and plastic bottle, all beverages were sold in refillable glass. While that has changed, especially in Europe and North America, there are still functioning, deposit-return based, refillable systems all over the world. From soft drinks in Latin America, to domestic beer in Canada, to refillable PET for beverages in some European countries. In the vast majority of cases, refillable systems are operating with much less significant environmental footprint than their single-use counterparts.


Which European countries are still using refillable beverage containers?

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Is the refillable bottle disappearing?

Despite the myriad environmental and economic benefits of reuse and refilling, it appears that industry is determined to stop using refillable beverage containers.

What is happening to the refillable bottle, and how can it be saved?
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Reusable Food Packaging

With the ever-increasing popularity of take-out and delivery food, the packaging that this food is delivered to the customer with is becoming a greater and greater challenge. Some innovators are stepping up the the challenge and finding ways to get people fed without creating all the waste.

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Reusable Secondary or Transport Packaging

Before consumer goods get to the store, many products are shipped over land or water in bulk format between manufacturers and wholesalers or distributors, or other links in the B2B (Business to Business) chain. Increasingly, these goods are being moved on or in reusable pallets, boxes, crates, or drums.

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Steel barrels

Reuse Partners

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