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Deposit Return Systems: Factsheets

Below is a series of factsheets we have created to provide stakeholders with an overview of some of the various aspects of deposit return systems (DRS), including their reported performance, handling fees, levels of public support, as well as the economic impacts to municipalities of introducing or expanding a DRS. They are currently available in 5 different languages.


Factsheet #1: Economic Impacts on Municipalities 

Factsheet #2: Public Support for DRS (Summary)List of Opinion Polls

Factsheet #3: System Performance

Factsheet #4: Handling Fees

Factsheet #5: Policy Instruments to Promote Refillable Beverage Containers


Fiche #1: Impacts économiques sur les collectivités

Fiche #2: Soutien public aux systèmes de consignes

Fiche #3: La performance du système

Fiche #4: Frais de manutention et gestion


Bilgi formu #1: Araştırmalar belediye bütçelerinde büyük tasarrufları doğruluyor

Bilgi formu #2: Kamuoyu desteği

Bilgi formu #3: Sistem performansı

Bilgi formu #4: Işlem bedelleri (HF)


Datenblatt #1: Studien bestätigen große Einsparungen für kommunale Haushalte 

Datenblatt #2: Öffentliche Unterstützung - ZusammenfassungTabelle der Umfragestudien

Datenblatt #3: Systemleistung

Datenblatt #4: Bearbeitungsgebühren

Datenblatt #5: Policy Instruments zur Förderung von Mehrwegsysteme für Getränkebehälter 


Scheda informativa #1: Diversi studi confermano ingenti risparmi per le amministrazioni comunali 

Scheda informativa#2: Supporto dell’opinione pubblica, Tabella degli studi di polling 

Scheda informativa #3: Le prestazioni del sistema  

Scheda informativa #4: Commissione di gestione 


Hoja de datos #1: Los estudios confirman grandes ahorros para los entes municipales

Hoja de datos #2: Apoyo público a los sistemas de depósito (#1), Apoyo público a los sistemas de depósito (#2)

Hoja de datos #3: Rendimiento del sistema

Hoja de datos #4: Remuneración por manipulación

Hoja de datos #5: Instrumentos de politica para promover los envases reutilizables 

Deposit Return Systems for One-Way Beverage Containers: Historical Return Rates

Disclaimer: Reloop presents the statistics below in good faith, and every attempt has been made to ensure their accuracy. Data contained in these tables and figures are taken primarily from external sources, including publicly accessible annual reports released by DRS system operators; stewardship agencies; or other involved entities. Other data was obtained through personal communication and e-mail correspondence. Details on the sources of all data are available in this PDF. We welcome any comments or clarifications for improvement to hello@reloopplatform.org.

In terms of system results, it is also important to point out that the way in which program performance is measured or reported on can vary between jurisdictions. While some system operators may report out a ‘collection rate’, others report a ‘recycling rate’ or ‘redemption rate.’ For the purpose of consistency and because it is not possible to know for certain how performance is measured in each jurisdiction, these tables and figures use ‘return rate’ as a catch-all term. It is understood that the return rate represents the amount of beverage container material that is collected (by weight or unit) expressed as a percentage of the amount of beverage container material placed on the market, excluding exports.




  • South Australia (2005-2020) (Figure, Table)
  • Northern Territory (2012-2020) (Figure, Table)
  • Australian Capital Territory (2018-2019) (Figure, Table)
  • New South Wales (2017-2020) (Table)
  • Queensland (2019-2020) (Table)


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