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Position Papers

June 2020 - Reusable Packaging and COVID-19 - Policy Paper 

May 2020 - The Single Use Plastics Directive: Is it in Jeopardy? 

March 2020 - Position Paper on the interpretation of separate collection targets for single-use plastic beverage bottles, as per Article 9 of the Directive on Single-Use Plastics  

January 2020 - Material substitution within the SUP Directive: Policy Briefing 

October 2019Implementation of the Single Use Plastics Directive (EU) 2019/904 - Phase 1: General and product specific definitions, explanations, criteria, and product markings 

May 2019 - Submission to the Victorian Parliamentary Inquiry into Waste and Recycling 

February 2019South Australia's Single-Use Plastics and Container Deposit Scheme - Response 

November 2018 - Position Paper on the proposal for a directive on the reduction of the impact of certain plastic products on the environment 

July 2018 - Position Paper on the European Commission's proposal for a Directive on the reduction of the impact of certain plastic products on the environment (COM(2018)340) 

July 2018 - Closing the Circular Economy Loop: A Call for EU Action on Recycled Content Mandates for Plastics 

March 2018 - Position Paper on the European Commission's Strategy on Plastics

January 2018Position Paper on the upcoming European Commission's Strategy on Plastics

February 2016 - Position Paper on the European Commission's Legislative Proposals on Waste under the Circular Economy Package 

June 2015 - Walking the Circle: The 4 guiding pillars for a Circular Economy 

June 2015 - Top 10 Priorities for Circular Economy Package 

Backgrounders & Reports

February 2020 - Getting the Numbers Right: A discussion paper on calculating & reporting separate collection of plastic beverage bottles

February 2020 - The Big Pay Off 

January 2020What is Plastic? A Study Exploring the Potential for Certain Materials to be Considered as Exempt from the Single-Use Plastics Directive, with Particular Focus on Man-Made Cellulosic Fibres 

January 2020 - What is Plastic? A summary report exploring the potential for certain materials to be exempted from the Single-Use Plastics Directive

November 2019 - Impact of Deposit Return Systems on French Municipalities in Meeting EU Packaging Recycling Targets (also available in French)

November 2019 - The Environmental & Economic Costs of Single-Use Menstrual Products, Baby Nappies & Wet Wipes - Report produced in association with ReZero, Break Free From Plastic, and Zero Waste Europe

October 2019 - A DRS for Turkey - Report produced by Eunomia for Reloop and ISBAK

August 2019 - Mémoire de Clarissa Morawski à la Commission des transports et de l'environnement

June 2019 - Single Use Plastics Directive - Backgrounder 

June 2019 - Better Together: How a Deposit Return System Will Complement Ontario’s Blue Box Program and Enhance the Circular Economy 

April 2018 - Deposit Systems for One-Way Beverage Containers: Global Overview (2018)(full report available in English and Turkish; individual chapters can be downloaded below [English only])

July 2017 - Rethinking Economic Incentives for Separate Collection 

2016 - Deposit Systems for One-Way Beverage Containers: Global Overview (2016) (full report available in English, French, and Mandarin)

2015 - Making the Switch: The Business Case for Reusable Packaging 


Year in Review






Deposit Return System (DRS) Factsheets


Factsheet #1: Economic Impacts on Municipalities 

Factsheet #2: Public Support (Opinion Polls)Table of Polling Studies

Factsheet #3: System Performance (Return Rates)

Factsheet #4: Handling Fees

Factsheet #5: Policy Instruments to Promote Refillable Beverage Containers


Fiche #1: Impacts économiques sur les collectivités

Fiche #2: Soutien public aux systèmes de consignes

Fiche #3: La performance du système

Fiche #4: Frais de manutention et gestion


Bilgi formu #1: Araştırmalar belediye bütçelerinde büyük tasarrufları doğruluyor

Bilgi formu #2: Kamuoyu desteği

Bilgi formu #3: Sistem performansı

Bilgi formu #4: Işlem bedelleri (HF)


Datenblatt #1: Studien bestätigen große Einsparungen für kommunale Haushalte 

Datenblatt #2: Öffentliche Unterstützung - ZusammenfassungTabelle der Umfragestudien

Datenblatt #3: Systemleistung

Datenblatt #4: Bearbeitungsgebühren

Datenblatt #5: Policy Instruments zur Förderung von Mehrwegsysteme für Getränkebehälter 

Presentations & Webinars

The New Battle in Single-Use Plastics: Lessons from Europe's SUPD- April 30, 2020, Webinar Hosted by Environmental Defence Canada

Taking a closer look at developments on EPR for packaging in Europe - December 5, 2019, European Packaging EPR Webinar Hosted by the Northeast Recycling Council

Deposit Systems for Beverage Containers in Europe - November 22, 2019, Conference on Best-in-Class Single Use Beverage Packaging

Container Refund Schemes: Learnings for Aotearoa / New Zealand - November 2019

Deposit Return Systems - October 10, 2019, Canadian Waste to Resource Conference

EU Legislation Leads to a Global Trend Towards Deposit Return Systems - October 10, 2019, Deposit Summit, Istanbul, Turkey

Best practice container deposit schemes: lessons from over the ditch - September 25, 2019, WasteMINZ Conference 2019

New EU Waste Legislation Implementation: Getting it Right - March 4, 2019, Zero Waste Europe Webinar on Plastic Waste Prevention in Action

Getting the most from DRS - February 22, 2019, Lisbon, Portugal

Deposit Return: Where do we stand? - February 7, 2019, PETCORE Europe Conference "EU Plastics Strategy 2.0"

Update on Europe's New Waste Legislation - January 22, 2019, Zalohujme Conference, Czech Republic

Deposit-Return for Beverage Containers: An Effective Tool to Increase Reuse, Recycling and Reduce Waste