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How does the deposit system work?

How does the deposit system work? (Extended version)

How does the deposit system work? (Romanian, Polish and Bulgarian)

Reloop's Five Areas of Engagement

In order to accelerate the transition to a circular economy, Reloop works with cross-sectoral issue-specific networks to bring about systemic change across the entire economy, based on 5 interdependent pillars of transformation ...

Packaging Insights

Five key system conditions shaping the EU plastic packaging value chain

Clarissa Morawski, CEO of the Reloop Platform, speaks to Packaginginsights about the 5 essential system conditions shaping the EU plastic packaging value chain. Morawski also considers how the UK's impending exit from the EU may impact its adherence to the tightening regulations in the industry.

Deposit Return: How it Works

Short Version

Standard Version    (without interviews)

Standard Version (with interviews)

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Reloop and The Circular Economy

Intro to Reloop

Our Position on Circular Economy

Presentations and Interviews

Interview with Consigneco (2:35-4:13) (2020)

Gaining a Competitive Advantage by Embracing Circular Packaging and EPR (2020)

Update on Single-Use Plastics Directive (2019)

Bloomberg Sustainable Business Summit (2020)

The New Battle in Single-Use Plastics (2020)

Clarissa speaks at Tuchem (2018)

DRS for Single-Use Beverages (2018)

Update on EU Legistation (2018)

New Plastic Economy: EU Circular Economy Package (GEC 2018)

Deposit Summit (Turkey, 2019)

ISWA Congress Closing Panel on Future of Waste (2015)

Panel Debate on DRS for Packaging (Paris, 2019)

Best Practices in Deposit Return




System Accountability


Our Best Practices in Deposit Return videos are also available in these languages:

Limiting a DRS to On the Go Containers is a Bad Idea

2020 Year in Review

Conference on Best in Class Deposit Return Systems for Single-Use Beverage Packaging

Conference Recording

Brune Poirson's Message to Delegates

FAQ on Deposit Return Systems

Many of the world's leading experts in deposit return systems (DRS) gathered in Scotland in 2017 for the Global Deposit Summit. We asked them to give their answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about DRS. In this series of eight short videos, Reloop presents some of their answers.