Webinar on DRS legal & organizational framework

Based on the official data, 81% of beverage cans, 62% of glass bottles and 43% of plastic bottles are currently collected in Poland. Implementing a deposit system for beverage containers would help to increase the tonnage of recyclables from beverage containers by 180,000 tons. In total, a DRS for one-way beverage containers has the potential to collect 590,000 tons of clean secondary materials (glass, metal and plastic) for high quality recycling. In addition, a modern and user friendly collection infrastructure could be efficiently used for refillable containers.

In October this year, nine organizations representing the Polish recycling industry, plastic converters and NGOs accompanied by European expert organizations elaborated a common Position Paper addressing the key optimal features of the deposit system in Poland.

On 18th of November, the signatories of the DRS Position Paper held a webinar on the DRS legal and organizational framework. The outlined cost structure of the possible system in Poland was also presented. The information presented should serve as a useful basis for all stakeholders in the country who are currently proceeding with important decisions related to the implementation of the CE Package and SUP Directive.

Presentations and recording from the webinar are available here:

Merged Power point presentations here.