What makes plastic packaging optimal for recycling and how much will producers pay for waste management?

Reloop has invited world class experts to share their experiences in the area of the cost-efficient and sustainable management of packaging waste. A kick off webinar took place on August 27th and focused on plastics’ recyclability as well as EPR guidelines.

During the webinar, the Nordic eco-design guidelines were presented. The Nordic expertise has given important input for the upcoming European Essential Requirements Guidelines and already today can be of help to all producers with the strategy for sustainability.

EPR is one of the most discussed issue in all European countries right now, as the Waste Framework Directive imposes new obligations. Producers will pay more but how much and for what? The expertise presented by Eunomia Research and Consulting gave a useful guideline in terms of the general principles for cost coverage of the packaging waste collection and pre-processing.

The webinar was organized in cooperation with environment magazines Teraz Srodowisko and EcoMagazin.

The presentations from the webinar are available here.