A DRS for Turkey

In early 2019, the Turkish Government confirmed it would be introducing a deposit return system (DRS) on beverage containers by 2021 as part of its zero waste initiative. In light of this announcement, Reloop, in association with ISBAK, commissioned Eunomia Research and Consulting to carry out a study to design a DRS for Turkey based on existing best-in-class DRSs in place around the world. In addition to the technical design of the system, Eunomia modelled the indicative annual costs and benefits that the proposed DRS would bring. This included the impacts on key stakeholders such as on beverage producers and retailers, as well as the potential impact on residual waste and recycling services. The study also modelled the reduction in greenhouse gas emissions and other air pollutants as a result of introducing a DRS. The impacts on litter reduction were also estimated.

To read the full report, which is available free of charge, click here or visit Eunomia’s website.