About Reloop

Reloop is building a world free of waste

Reloop works at the centre of policy-making with governments, industry stakeholders and NGOs. Leading the transition to a global circular economy, where our natural resources remain resources.


Reloop’s policy positions and recommendations are always based on data-driven research, real world case studies and experience, best-in-class principles, and the collective expertise of our team.

Open and collaborative

Reloop are transparent in terms of our actions and decision-making.

We enjoy bringing together a range of partners and organisations to help inform our work and to encourage their contribution to the creation of a thriving global circular economy.

Reloop has a clear objective

Preventing waste is Reloop’s primary objective. This can be achieved by

  • Reducing production and consumption.
  • Re-using packaging wherever possible.
  • Collecting materials properly for recycling within a closed loop.

Reloop has five inter-related programmes

Reloop’s current focus is on five inter-related programmes, which work to establish a globally consistent approach to a circular economy for packaging:

Programme: Reuse Revolution

Packaging designed for circularity.

Programme: Closing the Loop

Packaging made with mandated high levels of recycled content.

Programme: Collect More, Sort More

Packaging collected properly, with effective packaging separation being supported at home/business/industry to improve quality.

Programme: Money Back

Packaging subject to economic instruments where appropriate, such as deposits or charges, to increase collection rates and improve quality.

Programme: Meaningful Measurement

Packaging measurable via fully transparent and accurate data at each stage of its life-cycle.

Reloop membership

Reloop has a diverse membership. As a member, your organisation will add its voice to a growing multi-stakeholder group that supports progressive policy to help shift towards a more circular economy.

The Reloop team

Clarissa Morawski

Chief Executive Officer

About Clarissa

Working with governments, industry and not-for-profits, Clarissa brings nearly 30 years of technical, analytical and communications experience in waste reduction policies and operations. In 1998, she started CM Consulting (cmconsultinginc.com), whose published reports have been embraced as essential resources for professionals in industry and the recycling sector.

In 2015, Clarissa moved with her family from Canada to Europe, where she co-founded the Reloop Platform. As CEO, Clarissa works with stakeholders and partners to develop smart, practical and effective policy frameworks and operational recommendations. Clarissa uses science and her no-nonsense communication skills to make the case for ambitious policy.

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Samantha Harding

Executive Director

About Samantha

Sam has worked in the not-for-profit sector for over 30 years. Focused on social justice, health and environmental issues in both the UK and Australia, she’s secured a range of new policies and legislation relating to children, refugees, people affected by stroke and waste management.

Now living in Portugal, Sam leads all of Reloop’s operations, including fundraising, communications and strategic development.

Anna Larsson

Director, Circular Economy Development

About Anna

Anna’s career has been dedicated to international projects that target sustainable resource management, with ‘Best practice adopted to local conditions’ being her successful motto. With a double Polish-Swedish nationality, academic credentials from Poland and Norway, as well as professional experience from various countries, Anna uses her unparalleled knowledge to encourage strong belief in the ambitious policy instruments that keep consumers and economic stakeholders motivated to adopt Circular Economy principles.

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Rob Kelman

Director, Reloop Asia-Pacific

About Rob

Rob has worked across waste and resource recovery initiatives with NGOs and business over the past 15 years. He has also supported businesses across a range of sectors, including forestry, resources and banking, to focus on their sustainability pursuits. In addition to pursuing solutions for plastics, packaging and the circular economy, Rob is also Executive Officer of the Australian Tyre Recyclers Association.

Contact info

 +61 (0)423 573 278


Elizabeth Balkan

Director, Reloop North America

About Elizabeth

Elizabeth brings over a decade of strategy and public policy experience. She served as Director of Food Waste at the Natural Resources Defense Council, growing the Food Matters cities initiative to include over 40 cities across the US. Previously she worked in New York City government, both at the Department of Sanitation and in the Mayor’s Office and as a consultant with international NGOs and private sector stakeholders.

Alexis Eisenberg

Director, France et Francophonie

About Alexis

Alexis has more than ten years of professional experience in the circular economy sector and public policies for packaging. Before joining Reloop, Alexis acted as an advisor to the president for the Quebec Society for Recovery and Recycling (Recyc-Québec), attached to the Ministry of the Environment. In particular, he was involved for several years in government and industrial relations through the draft law on the modernisation of deposits and selective collection. Alexis has also worked as a consultant specialising in strategy and sustainable development in the firms of Deloitte and Grant Thornton.

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Jenni Hume

Director, UK and Ireland

About Jenni

Jenni has worked on deposit return policy for eight years, through her work in Scotland and across the rest of the UK. She works with UK and international NGOs, community and education groups, retailers, producers and politicians, as well as an international community of deposit return advocates. At Reloop she has responsibility for overseeing our work on packaging waste reduction policies in the UK and Ireland.

Sam Millette

Research and Analysis Coordinator

About Sam

Based in Canada, Sam is an environmental consultant specialising in waste reduction research, policy, and planning. As the founder of Millette Environmental (milletteenvironmental.com), she has helped public and private-sector clients make informed decisions in the pursuit of sustainability for just over a decade.

Working with Reloop since its start in 2015, Sam supports the team in their research and analysis needs across the regions, as well as developing and updating Reloop’s vital resources such as fact sheets, position papers and the bi-annual Global Deposit Book.

Jason Wilcox

Data Coordinator

About Jason

Jason brings over 15 years of experience in leading complex data comparison and analysis projects. His skill lies in being able to understand how data can be used to explain trends and phenomena within the waste sector, and understanding how to present his findings in compelling, relevant formats.

He developed Reloop’s What We Waste dashboard, as well as the methodology and findings that underpin our Target 90 reports, both timely and powerful tools for data visualisation and analysis.

Reloop General Assembly

Reloop was founded on the belief that collaboration across sectors will deliver the policy change we need to achieve a global transition to a circular economy. Our General Assembly reflects this and brings together people with extensive experience across industry, the NGO sector and the political sphere.

Jürgen Resch

About Jürgen

Jürgen is Federal Executive Director of Deutsche Umwelthilfe (DUH), one of Germany’s leading environmental NGOs. Throughout his career he has led a wide range of initiatives focused on environmental improvements. These include the designation of threatened habitats as nature reserves, a reduction in diesel fuel emissions and the development of a highly effective recycling economy within Germany, alongside the protection of reusable packaging systems. He is a founding member of Reloop, a board member of the tropical forest foundation OroVerde and a trustee of the foundation Initiative Mehrweg. He also co-founded the Euronatur Foundation, the Global Nature Fund and the Lake Constance Foundation

Wolfgang Ringel

About Wolfgang

Wolfgang has been dedicated to the management of packaging waste since 1992. After qualifying as a lawyer, he joined the non-profit kerbside company Duales System Deutschland, where he helped to establish the company as the leading German collection system of packaging waste for households. In 2001, he joined Tomra Systems ASA – a leading Norwegian waste technology company – and was closely involved in the legal and implementation process of the German deposit system on beverage packaging. Today he is Senior Vice President of Public Affairs, as well as holding a board position in the German association Pro Mehrweg (Pro Refill) and a member of the Advisory Board for Recycling Netwerk, a Dutch NGO alliance focused on creating better environments through better recycling. In 2015 he became a founding member of Reloop.

Darryl Young

About Darryl

Darryl is the Board Chair of Main Street America, as well as sitting on the board of numerous philanthropic affinity groups, including the Environmental Grantmakers Association and Climate and Energy Funders. He has also served on the Board of Directors of the Container Recycling Institute and as the Board President of the National Recycling Coalition.

He was the Executive Director of the Merck Family Fund, and the former Director of the Sustainable Cities Program at the Summit Charitable Foundation, as well as the Director of California Department of Conservation, which was responsible for beverage container recycling.

Collaborating Partners

Serah Son

About Serah

Serah Son is a Reloop partner in South Korea. She leads Zero Waste Home, an online community with more than 15,000 members across the country, focused on reducing waste and pollution. Serah is a writer and producer, and recently completed a series of documentaries on the circular economy, waste and renewable energy transition. This experience has led her to pursue work in the field of waste reduction policy as a consultant. The government in South Korea is in the process of introducing leading-edge packaging policy, which would directly affect its population of over 50 million people, so there is much to learn and Reloop is pleased to partner with Serah on this work.

Aynur Acar

About Aynur

Reloop partners with TÜÇEM Environmental Education and Waste Management Association in Turkey. TÜÇEM was set up by Aynur Acar, who has been a leading waste consultant since 2005. Her vision was to bring together women from across the country who are waste and resources specialists and work together to imbed best practice from the EU and beyond. With a population of 80 million citizens to reach and many other stakeholders to engage, there are plenty of opportunities and challenges ahead and Reloop is glad to work with Aynur and her team on this mission.

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