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Circular Economy:
a system where resources remain resources

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Trilateral webinar on measuring recycled content

February 16, 2021

Given increasing interest from legislators around the world on mandating recycled content in products and packaging, Reloop hosted a private webinar to bring the knowledge gained from the European Commission’s work on this subject. This presentation is from Joe Papineschi…

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Introduction to Reloop Americas

January 28, 2021

Building on our success in Europe, we began a global expansion beyond Reloop Europe in 2019, with the launch of Reloop Pacific, and in August 2020 we launched Reloop Americas – initially covering Canada and the US, with possible expansion into Latin America…

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New Factsheet: Deposit Return Systems Create More Jobs

January 27, 2021

This new factsheet by the Reloop Platform explains why deposit return systems (DRS), which are in place in over 40 jurisdictions across the world, produce higher circular economy outcomes, including a more positive impact on job creation, than any other…

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Deposit Data

January 21, 2021

In December 2020, Reloop released the Global Deposit Book 2020: An Overview of Deposit Systems for One-Way Beverage Containers. The report offers insights on how deposit systems are financed in different jurisdictions and what recovery levels they can achieve depending…

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Reloop's vision is a world free of pollution, where an ambitious and integrated circular economy allows our precious resources to remain resources, so that people, businesses and nature can flourish.


Our mission is to work with governments, industry and society to accelerate the global transition to a circular economy for all resources.


A thriving circular economy is built on policy that supports the waste hierarchy and encourages existing best practices, fosters innovation, applies economic instruments when necessary and strives for continuous improvement.

As an international not-for-profit organisation, registered in Belgium, our small global team is comprised of highly qualified experts across a range of disciplines, including policy, research, behavior change and communications.

Reloop has produced a variety of resources and materials on issues relating to circular economy, including videos and policy papers.

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