What We Waste Dashboard

The dashboard is the second part to our What We Waste report, published in April 2021, which used data from 93 countries, most of it dating back to 1999, to examine trends in sales and the collection and wastage of drinks containers. This interactive tool allows the user to explore that data.

Recent Posts

Beyond Recycling: Policy to Achieve Circular Waste Management

November 15, 2021

Waste collection and recycling services are some of the most essential functions of government to keep cities clean and promote public health. For more than 50 years, local governments have championed efforts to improve the environmental sustainability of waste management services by establishing curbside recycling…

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By the Numbers: A National Beverage Container Program

October 5, 2021

In the United States, the Break Free from Plastic Pollution Act seeks to establish a national beverage con­tainer deposit return system. Modern, com­prehensive deposit systems are proven to be highly effective, equitable, and consis­tently supported by the general public. A…

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New white paper: Policy Guidelines for Recycled Content Mandates

September 29, 2021

Minimum recycled content mandates are a critical policy tool to drive higher recyclable material prices and investment for recycling, address climate change, help stabilise municipal waste budgets, and enable resilient local economies. This white paper, drafted by Director of Reloop…

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8th European REUSE Conference

June 29, 2021

On 6 July 2021, Reloop – in association with the European Association of Beverage Wholesalers (CEGROBB), Environmental Action Germany (Deutsche Umwelthifle e.V.), and Private Breweries Germany (Private Brauereien Deutschland) – will host the 8th European REUSE Conference “Reuse for future:…

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Reloop's vision is a world free of pollution, where an ambitious and integrated circular economy allows our precious resources to remain resources, so that people, businesses and nature can flourish.


Our mission is to work with governments, industry and society to accelerate the global transition to a circular economy for all resources.


A thriving circular economy is built on policy that supports the waste hierarchy and encourages existing best practices, fosters innovation, applies economic instruments when necessary and strives for continuous improvement.

As an international not-for-profit organisation, registered in Belgium, our small global team is comprised of highly qualified experts across a range of disciplines, including policy, research, behavior change and communications.

Reloop has produced a variety of resources and materials on issues relating to circular economy, including videos and policy papers.