Reloop Regions

Reloop is built around our regional offices, working together to achieve a global transition to a circular economy.

Across Europe, Reloop works at a national and pan-European level. We are actively engaged in the development of EU policy focused on resource management.

About Reloop Europe

Reloop pursues a range of solutions for packaging waste throughout the Asia-Pacific.

About Reloop Asia Pacific

Promoting the environmental, economic and operational performance of packaging waste management in French-speaking countries.

About France et Francophonie

Reloop’s primary objective in South, Central, and Eastern Europe is to accelerate the implementation of a circular economy for packaging.

About Reloop South, Central and Eastern Europe

Reloop North America works to inform, develop and promote well-drafted policies that will lead to high-performing circular collection systems for packaging.

About Reloop North America

Reloop has a very specific focus in the UK and Ireland – working to support the introduction of deposit systems for beverage containers across England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and Ireland.

About Reloop UK and Ireland
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