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EU Member States adopt the Single Use Plastic Directive

04/06/2021 4:00 pm - 6:00 pm CET


By July of this year, EU Member States should adopt the Single Use Plastic Directive, the objective of which is to reduce harmful impact of the certain single-use plastic products on the environment.

  • How to implement the enhanced Extended Producers’ Responsibility and how much will producers pay for the litter clean up?
  • What measures are feasible? Can the consumers just bring their own cups and food containers to a bar?
  • How to secure sustainable resources’ management? Do quotas for refillable containers work anywhere?

The experts have already analysed these issues and identified policy instruments which can be implemented on a national level and contribute to Circular Economy development.

Let’s meet on 16th of June, 4 p.m. CET/5 p.m. EET to discuss with Peeter Eek from Earth Care and Justine Maillot from Rethink Plastic Alliance and closely look into the views of NGOs and academia summarized in the below reports:

‘The analysis regards measures to reduce the consumption of certain plastic products and regards the effects on the application of extended producer responsibility for certain plastic products’

Tartu University/Earth Care Consulting

‘Moving away from single-use – a guide for national decision-makers to implement the SUPD’

Rethink Plastic Alliance/ Break Free from Plastic

Read more on the SUPD Objectives and Implementation Ideas Invitation

The event is organised online and participation requires registration (please email

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