The Internal Market Act (IMA)

The Internal Market Act (IMA)

The Internal Market Act (IMA) (a post-Brexit piece of legislation) has raised significant concerns about its influence on environmental legislation across the UK nations.

In a series of enlightening videos produced together with the Action to Protect Rural Scotland (APRS), our UK Director Jenni Hume delves into the intricate details of the IMA, highlighting its potential ramifications on environmental legislation in Scotland, Wales, England, and Northern Ireland.

The series examines real-life implications, such as the delay and dilution of Scotland’s deposit return scheme, directly affected by the IMA. This case vividly demonstrates the Act’s capacity to compromise environmental standards, hindering positive legislation development across the UK.

Part 1: What is the Internal Market Act?
Part 2: How did the IMA come about?

Part 3: What does the IMA mean for the UK’s devolved nations?

Part 4: What does the IMA mean for policymaking?

Part 5: How do IMA exemptions work?

Part 6: Has the IMA already impacted policymaking?
Part 7: What is the difference between the IMA and EU rules?

Part 8: The IMA: Our Conclusion
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