Mixed Waste Sorting Conference 2023

Mixed Waste Sorting Conference 2023

The next frontier for the circular economy

On March 21, 2023, Reloop Platform, Zero Waste Europe and the European Committee of the Regions held a conference aimed to bring together regional and national governments, mixed waste sorting operators, recyclers, experts, and technology providers from countries across Europe to share their expertise on the introduction of MWS as an additional tool for the recovery and re-circulation of Europe’s valuable resources.

The conference was a timely response to the current revision of the EU’s Waste Framework Directive and the Industrial Emissions Directive. The event was recorded, see the full video here.

The event consisted four panels, which considered impacts of Mixed Waste Sorting on circularity and climate change. We heard from existing operators in Europe, and the technology providers who are leading on sorting and recycling.

Our event had over 140 participants from 20 countries.

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