Reloop South, Central and Eastern Europe

Reloop’s primary objective in South, Central, and Eastern Europe is to accelerate the implementation of a circular economy for packaging.

While some guidelines and policy instruments from the European Commission are well-established – with more currently being developed – the necessary expertise for achieving sustainable resource management is not easily accessible by the countries across this region.

To address this, Reloop has developed knowledge-building platforms that engage industry, public administrators, and civic society and raise awareness about well-proven and value-creating waste management systems.

Our key areas of focus include:

  • efficient collection methods
  • sustainable financing practices, and
  • stimulating demand for post-consumer waste

Consequently, three of Reloop’s programmes – Money Back, Closing the Loop and Collect More Sort More – are the current focal points in this region.

Anna Larsson

Director, Circular Economy Development

About Anna

Anna’s career has been dedicated to international projects that target sustainable resource management, with ‘Best practice adopted to local conditions’ being her successful motto. With a double Polish-Swedish nationality, academic credentials from Poland and Norway, as well as professional experience from various countries, Anna uses her unparalleled knowledge to encourage strong belief in the ambitious policy instruments that keep consumers and economic stakeholders motivated to adopt Circular Economy principles.

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