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New study shows advantages of a mixed deposit system in France

Reloop commissioned a new study to examine the appropriateness of deploying a mixed deposit versus a deposit for reuse only.

Advantages of a mixed deposit system in France

1. Greater certainty in meeting regulatory objectives

A mixed deposit system is the most reliable strategy for meeting all French and European regulatory objectives (AGEC/SUPD/PPWR) within the beverage sector.

These objectives include crucial targets such as:

  • achieving a minimum of 10% reuse by 2027,
  • attaining collection rates of 90% for recycling plastic bottles and cans by 2029,
  • ensuring that plastic bottles contain at least 30% recycled content by 2030.

2. Best option for accelerating nationwide reuse by 2026

Simultaneous implementation of deposit systems for both recycling and reuse enables the establishment of a national infrastructure.

3. Operational and financial efficiencies

The efficiency and costs of deposit return for recycling and reuse can be improved under a mixed deposit system.

4. Better consumer understanding

Having a unified system for returning both reusable and single-use containers can ensure a higher return rate, as consumers will understand that both types of containers are covered by the deposit and can be returned to the same locations.

5. Mitigation of negative market effects

If only a deposit system for reusable containers is in place, single-use containers gain an unfair advantage; however, a mixed system allows both to compete fairly.

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