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Reloop Event - Deposit Return

Join us for the second webinar in Reloop’s Deep Dive into European DRS series, as we explore the deposit return systems (DRS) in Iceland and Finland.

Reloop News - Deposit Return

In this new fact sheet, Reloop provides an update on recent developments in DDRS, including an update on DDRS trials.

Reloop Published Article - Deposit Return

This Resource Recycling magazine article presents an analysis of the latest data from these programmes.

Reloop News - Deposit Return

This report shows that global interest in DRS continues to grow, and that by the end of 2026, around 748 million people could live in jurisdictions with DRS, more than double the population covered as of the end of 2022.

Reloop News - Deposit Return

Our briefing on consumer research polling regarding the New Zealand Government’s proposal to introduce a beverage container return scheme (CRS).

Reloop News - Deposit Return

We wanted to learn more about how municipalities are impacted by the
implementation of a DRS, and so we set off on a task to compile all of the research done on the subject over the years. What we found was compelling, and sufficiently closes the case that container deposit systems are good—not bad—for municipalities.

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