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Reloop Event - Deposit Return

Reloop’s CEO Clarissa Morawski participated as a part of a panel discussion organised by the German Mineral Water Association about the next steps that the EU and the natural mineral water sector need to take together to protect the climate and the most valuable resource there is: water.

Reloop News - Deposit Return

In this article for Waste Dive, our Director of Americas Elizabeth Balkan explains how deposit return systems (DRS) play a key role in the recycling chain for manufacturers and packaging and recycling companies, and why they are key to solving the plastic paradox.

Reloop News - Deposit Return

This new fact sheet by the Reloop Platform explains why deposit return systems (DRS), which are in place in over 40 jurisdictions across the world, produce higher circular economy outcomes, including a more positive impact on job creation, than any other waste management option.

Reloop News - Deposit Return

The report offers insights on how deposit systems are financed in different jurisdictions and what recovery levels they can achieve depending on how they’re designed.

Reloop News - Deposit Return

Reloop releases a new report showing that deposit return systems (DRS) are increasingly being chosen by governments to tackle the growing global crisis of plastic pollution and waste.

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