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Reimagining the Bottle Bill: a new report by Reloop North America

On 15 March 2022, Reloop North America released the new report, Reimagining the Bottle Bill – an alternative to the present recycling system in 5 northeast states in the United States. Implemented, it could fundamentally change our environmental trajectory.

How will this happen? Through a modernized Deposit Return System.

A modernized DRS is accessible and accountable, industry financed, and well managed and regulated. It will reduce regional greenhouse gas emissions by about 550,000 metric tons, save cities and towns $111-$160 million, and create over 2,700 jobs.

Every year in the US, $5.1 billion in valuable and reclaimable beverage containers — glass, metal, plastic — are wasted. In the Northeast alone, that means 403 containers wasted per person, per year.

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