Reloop North America

Reloop North America

Across North America, Reloop works to inform, develop and promote well-drafted policies that will lead to high-performing circular collection systems for packaging.

We pay attention to the full supply chain, from product design through to post-collection processing.

At a local, state, province and federal level, we work with a broad range of stakeholders, seeking to add value through our unique international viewpoint and analytical approach.

Our current focus is on policy that will accelerate the integration of resuable packaging into the mainstream, as well as a multi-State project that’s exploring how existing collection systems for beverage containers can be modernised and expanded.

Elizabeth Balkan

Director, Reloop North America

About Elizabeth

Elizabeth brings over a decade of strategy and public policy experience. She served as Director of Food Waste at the Natural Resources Defense Council, growing the Food Matters cities initiative to include over 40 cities across the US. Previously she worked in New York City government, both at the Department of Sanitation and in the Mayor’s Office and as a consultant with international NGOs and private sector stakeholders.

A Guide to Modern
Deposit Return Systems

10 essential public policy practices to resolve the massive problem of beverage container waste in the US.

The impact of
deposit return systems
on beverage sales

New analysis by Reloop and the Container Recycling Institute (CRI) shows the introduction of new deposit return systems has no discernible impact on beverage sales.

Further reading

Reimagining the Bottle Bill

Providing stakeholders with data analysis on high-performing deposit system design principles which deliver environmental and cost benefits to individual states and the region as a whole.

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