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Deposit Return FAQs Answered

On September 5, 2017, Scotland joined a growing list of countries around the world when it announced that it will be introducing a deposit return system (DRS) for drinks containers to tackle marine and land-based litter. There are now over 40 jurisdictions worldwide that have implemented DRS, and the momentum continues to build.

In this series of eight short videos, Reloop provides answers to some of the most frequently asked questions (FAQ) about deposit return schemes.

Video 1:

Answers to Questions about Deposit Return: Quick Summary  (2:58)

Video 2:

Answers to Questions about Deposit Return: A Deeper Dive (12:58)

Video 3:

Why the opposition? (4:49)

Video 4:

What is the impact on municipalities? (3:36)

Video 5:

The economics of deposit return (4:47)

Video 6:

How have deposit systems evolved? (3:52)

Video 7:

How does deposit return tie in to the circular economy?  (3:47)

Video 8:

What are the environmental benefits of deposit return? (5:00)

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