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New analysis on the impact of deposit return systems on beverage sales

New analysis shows the introduction of new deposit return systems has no discernible impact on beverage sales.

To assess whether DRS leads to a decline in beverage sales, Reloop and the Container Recycling Institute (CRI) compiled and analysed per capita packaged beverage sales in existing DRS markets before and after the system was introduced or expanded, or the deposit amount was increased, using real-world case studies based on actual, sourced data points from around the world. The analysis matched data around the DRS event in one jurisdiction with neighbouring jurisdictions that had no such legislative event.

Findings from the Reloop-CRI analysis are clear: Data reveals no direct connection between beverage sales and DRS.

  • Beverage prices and sales reflect a complex interplay of factors such as seasonal temperatures, economic conditions, and supply chain disruptions. These factors may independently or collectively affect the price of beverages and/or beverage sales.
  • DRS events had no discernible or direct impact on sales. Observed fluctuations in sales across the case studies were well within the scope of normal variation.
  • Sales trends followed a similar pattern whether the jurisdiction experienced a DRS event or not. Observed fluctuations in sales appear to align with regional trends.

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