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New fact sheet offers insight into performance of deposit return systems

We are excited to announce the release of our latest fact sheet, “Deposit Return Systems: How They Perform.” This document provides a detailed summary of return rates for deposit return systems (DRS) in place around the world, offering insights into their performance and the key factors that influence their effectiveness.

The fact sheet reveals that European countries with DRS boast a median return rate of 91%, showcasing the efficacy of these systems at recovering high quantities of beverage containers. In the United States, the median return rate in states with DRS is 67%, with Oregon leading at an impressive 91%. Meanwhile, Canadian provinces and territories with DRS achieve a median return rate of 75%. Over in Australia, the latest data shows a median return rate of 54% in states with DRS, highlighting room for improvement compared to other regions.

Key findings underscore that jurisdictions with DRS consistently achieve higher recycling rates for drink containers than those relying solely on municipal kerbside collection programmes. A direct correlation is noted between deposit value and return rate—higher deposits tend to increase participation and result in higher returns. Additionally, the highest performing systems employ a return-to-retail (R2R) redemption model, where retailers are mandated to accept empty containers and refund the deposit, ensuring convenience for consumers and higher return rates.

Explore our updated fact sheet to learn more about how deposit return systems are making a significant impact on recycling rates globally and what factors contribute to their success.

  • Deposit return systems: How they perform

    Countries, states, and provinces that have implemented deposit return systems (DRS) consistently achieve higher collection rates for drinks containers than those that rely solely on municipal kerbside collection programmes.

Summary of Global Return Rates for Deposit Return Systems

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