Reloop Asia Pacific

Reloop pursues a range of solutions for packaging waste throughout the Asia Pacific.

This includes regulated product stewardship schemes for packaging waste in Australia, deposit return schemes for drink packaging in Australia, New Zealand and into Asia, and packaging reuse models.

We work closely with similarly active and aligned NGOs, as well as partnering with waste and resource recovery organisations throughout the region, as well as progressive businesses.

Rob Kelman

Director, Reloop Asia-Pacific

About Rob

Rob has worked across waste and resource recovery initiatives with NGOs and business over the past 15 years. He has also supported businesses across a range of sectors, including forestry, resources and banking, to focus on their sustainability pursuits. In addition to pursuing solutions for plastics, packaging and the circular economy, Rob is also Executive Officer of the Australian Tyre Recyclers Association.

Contact info

 +61 (0)423 573 278

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