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Webinar Series: Packaging EPR Schemes: Lessons from Europe (Sweden)

In the first webinar of our three-part series with the Waste Management and Resource Recovery Association of Australia (WMRR), Reloop’s Director of Circular Economy Development, Anna Larsson, discusses the substantial shift and modernisation of Sweden’s 30-year old packaging EPR (Extended Producer Responsibility) scheme.

Co-hosted by WMRR CEO Gayle Sloan and Reloop Pacific Director Robert Kelman, this webinar offers invaluable insights into Sweden’s pioneering approach.

Sweden, often hailed as the ‘cradle’ of EPR in Europe, is once again leading the industry with a modernisation initiative aimed at enhancing the effectiveness of their packaging EPR scheme.

Anna Larsson discusses the transition from a producer-funded and operated model to a producer-financed, local government-operated scheme. This shift emphasises kerbside recovery as the primary collection method, funded through EPR fees imposed on producers. By transitioning from a ‘bring’ to an ‘at-home’ collection system, Sweden aims to boost both the quantity and quality of recovered materials, aligning with circular economy principles and recycled content targets.


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