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Reloop has a very specific focus in the UK and Ireland – working to support the introduction of deposit systems for beverage containers across England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and Ireland.

We regularly provide data, system design experience and analysis to governments, NGOs, trade associations and businesses.

We are also connected to the academic sector in England focused on reusable packaging, with a view to increasing our knowledge and understanding of potential solutions and how they can be integrated into the existing waste collection infrastructure across each nation.

Jenni Hume

Director, UK and Ireland

About Jenni

Jenni has worked on deposit return policy for eight years, through her work in Scotland and across the rest of the UK. She works with UK and international NGOs, community and education groups, retailers, producers and politicians, as well as an international community of deposit return advocates. At Reloop she has responsibility for overseeing our work on packaging waste reduction policies in the UK and Ireland.

The Internal Market Act

Series of videos delving into the intricate details of the IMA, highlighting its potential ramifications on environmental legislation in the UK.

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