What We Waste

What We Waste

Drawing on wide-ranging data

The countries included comprise 81% of the world’s population as of 2019.

In particular, it considers the relationship between wastage rates and the beverage industry’s shift from refillable bottles to single-use drinks packaging, and the measures that can be used to limit that wastage. It looks at the impact the implementation of a deposit return system can have, and the effect of a strong refillable market share – and how both can work together.

The impact of DRS is encouraging

Alongside a series of key findings and recommendations, our analysis shows that, on average, the countries with the least wastage per person collect their beverage containers via a deposit return system, both for single-use and refillable containers. Encouragingly, even when adopted alone, both refillable systems and deposit return still show marked impacts on wastage.

Reloop worked with Break Free From Plastic and Changing Markets on this report.

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