Target 90

Target 90 is a dual-action approach delivering critical benefits for the climate, the environment and for business across 27 EU Member States.

90% collection target.

High levels of closed-loop recycling.

Analysis on deposit return systems

The results of the Target 90 analysis are compelling: reaching a 90% separate collection for recycling rate for all drinks packaging (aluminium, plastic and glass), which can be achieved by implementing deposit return systems across all 27 EU Member States, offers multiple benefits across the board.

Target 90 can help the European Union achieve climate-neutral by 2050 goal

The overall net impact of Target 90 is a reduction of virgin material demand across the EU, which, in turn, results in a significant reduction in carbon emissions. And due to the power of circularity, these impacts will only grow with time.

Together, the solutions identified in Target 90 can help the European Union achieve its goals of becoming climate-neutral by 2050, reducing waste and keeping Europe’s resources circulating in Europe.

Reloop believes the European Union has a huge opportunity to make real progress towards a circular economy.

Let’s not waste it.

Target 90 report

This key Target 90 report investigates the climate and waste prevention impacts of recovering and recirculating—through closed-loop recycling —the vast majority of single-use drinks containers sold in the EU.

Further resources

Apple analogy

We wanted to illustrate the exponential power of circularity as it relates to collecting 90% of beverage packaging and then using the maximum amount in closed loop recycling; can-to-can or bottle-to-bottle.

The combination of these dual factors; collection + circularity is greater than the sum of its parts – a bit like planting your own seeds and repeating the harvest.

So we came up with this Apple Analogy.

The red apples represent the raw materials that are good enough to be recycled over and over into food grade beverage packaging.

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