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Reloop News - Collection and Sorting

This report sets out the latest thinking on how we can more sustainably manage and tackle single-use plastic pollution.

Reloop News - Deposit Return

This article makes the business case for deposit return and examines how it can actually be good for companies, helping them to gain greater control over performance and costs and reduce their risks.

Reloop News - Circular Economy

After a marathon session that took place just before Christmas (Dec. 18), the European Parliament, Council and European Commission reached a provisional agreement on the legislative part of the Circular Economy Package

Reloop News

China notified the World Trade Organization that it would ban imports of 24 categories of solid waste by the end of 2017, as part of its campaign against yang laji or “foreign garbage.” While there is still a lot of ambiguity surrounding the exact specifications of what will be banned, one thing is for certain: China will be accepting a lot less material.

Reloop News - Deposit Return

Reloop and CM Consulting have produced a series of fact sheets to help promote understanding of the some of the various aspects of deposit return.

Reloop News - Deposit Return

In this series of eight short videos, Reloop provides answers to some of the most frequently asked questions (FAQ) about deposit return schemes.

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