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Redemption Looks at DRS Reporting

Measuring So You Can Manage

Episode 4 of Redemption, the podcast designed to save DRS, continues to look at the Regulation practices laid out in A Guide to Modern Deposit Return Systems: 10 Essential Practices.

Accountability is the key to success for a modern DRS. That is why Practice 3: Compliance and Official Reporting heeds the adage “you cannot manage what you cannot measure.”

This practice calls for regular, robust, and transparent reporting. This enables regulators to accurately measure and enforce progress against meaningful targets (remember Practice 1?) and assess overall system performance. 

In Episode 4, I had the opportunity to talk with two close colleagues:

  • Clarissa Morawski, CEO of Reloop International, and
  • Alexis Eisenberg, Reloop’s director for France and Francophonie

Together we explore how DRS legislation in European countries and Canada, especially new reforms in Quebec, build in compliance and reporting requirements to manage the flow of beverage containers as they make their way through the system. This helps minimize fraud and provides a feedback mechanism to further improve the system going forward.

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