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Redemption Looks into DRS Oversight

Who Runs It? Who Oversees It?

Episode 5 of Redemption, the podcast designed to save DRS, is based on A Guide to Modern Deposit Return Systems: 10 Essential Practices. The fourth practice is Oversight and Enforcement.

In a high-functioning DRS, producers should have the authority to run the system as they see fit. That doesn’t diminish the crucial need for robust oversight and enforcement. What’s the right balance between the private sector’s efficiency and innovation on the one hand, and the government’s ensuring the optimized social and environmental outcomes on the other?

To help us discover what that delicate balance could and should look like in the world of modern DRS, we talked with:

  • Ryan Castalia, Executive Director of Sure We Can Education Centre, New York State’s only nonprofit redemption center, and
  • Clarissa Morawski, CEO of Reloop International

We explored why legislative conversations on DRS need to include all stakeholders, especially canners in urban settings, and how to find that sweet spot in letting producers innovate while making sure government oversees and enforces.

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