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DRS and Beverage Reuse Systems: What’s the Link?

Redemption, the podcast designed to save DRS has covered all the 10 essential practices discussed in A Guide to Modern Deposit Return Systems: 10 Essential Practices. And while DRS is a fantastic solution towards a circular economy, many may wonder, why spend all the effort and cost to collect and recycle beverage containers in a closed loop when we know that the waste hierarchy dictates reduction over reuse, and reuse over recycling.

Simply put, because separate collection vis-à-vis deposit return is an indispensable system for transitioning to reusable beverage containers. Countries with the lowest carbon footprint and packaging pollution use DRS and reuse in tandem to achieve optimized outcomes.
A robust refillable beverage market without DRS is not possible. At the same time, adding reuse targets to DRS will incentivize the industry to make upfront and ongoing investments into both reuse and DRS systems.

To understand exactly how beverage reuse systems work better with a DRS, Redemption talked with:

  • Kirstie Pecci, Executive Director of Just Zero
  • Alexis Eisenberg, Reloop’s director for France and Francophonie
  • Henriette Schneider, CEO of a consultancy that supports stakeholder groups in setting up optimizing and ultimately scaling effective systems for packaging

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