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Global Deposit Book 2020

15 December 2020 – Reloop released today a new report showing that deposit return systems (DRS) are increasingly being chosen by governments to tackle the growing global crisis of plastic pollution and waste. Our research shows that by the end of 2020, 291 million people will have access to a DRS for one-way beverage containers, increasing by an additional 207 million by the end of 2023.

The “Global Deposit Book 2020: An Overview of Deposit Systems for One-Way Beverage Containers” offers a comprehensive summary of over 40 DRSs in place around the world, including those in Europe, Australia, Canada, the United States, Israel, and Oceania/Caribbean. For each deposit market profiled in the report, the following information is provided (where available): legislative framework (legal basis for the system), programme scope, deposit value(s) and other fees, system operator (entity responsible for operating the system), redemption system, and return rates. This third edition of the report also includes a new chapter on upcoming programmes to highlight some of the key features of DRSs that will be implemented in the near future and for which sufficient data is available.

  • Global Deposit Book 2020

    A comprehensive summary of over 40 deposit return systems in place around the world.

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