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The Innovation Series (Episode 1): a conversation on digital deposit return systems

Reloop is pleased to launch our Innovation Series – expert analysis on emerging issues in the circular economy world. First episode? A conversation on digital deposit return systems.

We hear from Reloop CEO Clarissa Morawski who takes us through some of the unanswered questions and outstanding issues in digital DRS.

What about data protection? What’s the cost impact of a new unique labelling system for beverage producers? Can digital DRS address littering concerns? And are we sure that these systems are going to reduce greenhouse gas emissions?

For Clarissa Morawski, “governments should be talking to existing system operators to see if it’s actually technically feasible from the back end – what does that waste management look like?”

“Governments should really recognise that these systems that are being promoted are very much in their infancy. These systems have not really been tested at full scale. They are a series of parts to a system, but the entire system hasn’t been fleshed out.”

For professionals just joining the conversation, over the coming months Reloop will continue to monitor important considerations with digital DRS and other emerging questions  – so stay tuned via our LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube channels!

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