UN Plastic Treaty Recommendation


The critical role of transparency, tracking, monitoring and labelling.

Comprehensive data and transparency across the supply chain is critical to inform the management of plastic waste.

There are significant data gaps regarding plastic waste generation, disposal, and recycling, which all undermine efforts to implement targeted solutions.

Key provisions within Reloop’s proposed text will allow for informed decision-making and targeted interventions:

  1. Harmonised information disclosure: The treaty mandates that Parties require producers, converters, importers, and exporters of primary and secondary plastics to disclose detailed information on quantities and chemical compositions. This transparency ensures a clear understanding of the plastic supply chain, facilitating informed decision-making and targeted interventions.
  2. Tracking plastics flow: Parties are obligated to implement tracking systems for primary and secondary plastics, enabling the monitoring of plastic movement from production to consumption. This tracking mechanism enhances accountability and enables parties to identify areas where intervention is most needed.
  3. Estimation of waste composition: Parties must regularly estimate the quantity and composition of end-of-life plastics and provide a mass balance analysis. This data is crucial for identifying problematic plastics, improving recyclability, enhancing waste collection, and promoting environmentally sound management practices.
  4. Marking and labelling requirements: The establishment of marking and labelling requirements ensures safe and environmentally sound use, recycling, and management of plastics and plastic products. Clear labelling enhances consumer awareness and promotes responsible plastic consumption.
  5. Regular reporting and review: Parties are required to report waste data every three years as part of their national plans. Additionally, the governing body conducts periodic reviews of guidelines to assess their effectiveness, ensuring continuous improvement in plastic waste management practices.

The UN Plastic Treaty text amendments

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