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Joint NGO-industry letter to MEPs on the EU Textiles Strategy and closed-loop recycling

Reloop is pleased to be one of the co-signers of a joint NGO-industry letter that calls on members of the European Parliament to refrain from supporting amendments that would water down the clear message against breaking the loop of PET bottles.

The letter, signed by UNESDA, Natural Mineral Waters Europe, the European Fruit Juice Association (AIJN), Changing Markets Foundation, Minderoo, Zero Waste Europe, and Reloop, focuses on the issue of downcycling PET beverage bottles in textiles claimed to be “sustainable” or “circular.”

The joint letter highlights the concern that green claims on textiles made by using recycled plastic polymers where these polymers do not actually come from fibre-to-fibre recycling but come instead from PET bottles are not in line with the circular model for PET bottles. The letter emphasizes the importance of prioritizing efforts on fibre-to-fibre recycling and avoiding so-called “downcycling” to achieve the circular economy’s objectives. It also expresses concern over some proposed amendments to the report on the EU Strategy for Sustainable and Circular Textiles, which seem to tone down the clear signal sent by the Commission and MEP Delara Burkhardt, stating that the production of clothing from recycled bottles is not consistent with the circular model for PET bottles. The letter urges the members of the European Parliament to consider the views expressed in the letter and promote high-quality and dosed-loop recycling in all relevant pieces of EU legislation.

Read the letter here.

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