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Redemption on Fair Fees for Services

The Cost of Handling and Processing Containers

Redemption, the podcast designed to save DRS, continues its journey into A Guide to Modern Deposit Return Systems: 10 Essential Practices, In this week’s we explore Practice 9: Material Processing and Service Fees.

Effective deposit return systems work with return point operators to ensure the efficient collection of large quantities of beverage containers from consumers. The businesses providing that service receive a per unit “handling fee” to offset the costs incurred in hosting and operating a return point. And that handling fee needs to be fair.

The entities involved in preparing containers for shipment to final recycling markets by sorting, counting, crushing, and/or baling the various materials are also typically paid a fee for each eligible container they process. This payment is often referred to as a “processing fee”.

To understand both these fees — handling and processing — and the services that lie behind them, Redemption talked with two experts who deal with these issues daily:

  • Clarissa Morawski, Reloop CEO and Co-Founder
  • Ryan Castalia, Executive Director of Sure We Can Education Center, New York City’s only nonprofit redemption center

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