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Redemption Podcast gets underway

Why targets matter

Episode 2 of Redemption, the podcast designed to save DRS, is live!

We are plunging into Practice 1 of A Guide to Modern Deposit Return Systems: 10 Essential Practices.

In case you missed it, the Guide divides the 10 practices into 3 core areas:

  • Regulations that lay the foundation to build a strong system
  • Standards that serve as a frame to run the system effectively
  • Operations that define the functions to maintain the system over time.
  • Under Regulations is Practice 1: Meaningful Targets and Penalties.

DRS legislation for this practice needs to be rigorous but realistic. One jurisdiction that has got this mix just right is the Canadian province of Quebec.

In Episode 2, I talk with:

  • Alexis Eisenberg, Reloop’s director for France and Francophonie, about crafting Quebec’s new DRS legislation to set meaningful targets to modernize its DRS and having a trigger mechanism to raise deposits if those redemption targets are not met.
  • Mike Noel, Public Affairs Director at Tomra, about why making sure the initial collection target is set high enough at the start — at 90% —will solve any number of problems down the road as the program evolves.

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