Reloop Resources

  • Reinventing glass

    Policy recommendations for the PPWR highlighting the urgent need to address the environmental impact of single-use glass packaging.

  • Addressing the global plastic waste crisis

    UNEP's Turning Off the Tap study downplays the importance and feasibility of delivering quality and convenient waste management services. This study contends that the scale and costs involved make it impractical to implement comprehensive waste collection services for all.

  • Reimagining the Bottle Bill

    Providing stakeholders with data analysis on high-performing deposit system design principles which deliver environmental and cost benefits to individual states and the region as a whole.

  • Deposit return systems: How they perform

    Countries, states, and provinces that have implemented deposit return systems (DRS) consistently achieve higher collection rates for drinks containers than those that rely solely on municipal kerbside collection programmes.

  • Target 90

    Report focused on drinks packaging explaining how the dual-action approach of a 90% collection target and high levels of closed-loop recycling can deliver critical benefits for the climate, the environment and for business.

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