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Redemption on Collection

Putting User Ease and Accessibility First

Redemption, the podcast designed to save DRS, continues exploring A Guide to Modern Deposit Return Systems: 10 Essential Practices, with this week’s Episode 7 focused on Practice 6: Collection Standards.

We have heard in earlier episodes how critical it is to consider convenience and user experience when planning and implementing a modern DRS that works for all. The essential practice that helps get us there is clear standards for the operations of collection points.

Collection standards are triple-threat. They not only:

  1. ensure the all-important ease and accessibility for consumers but also
  2. reduce fraud, and
  3. build system accountability.

To learn ways to build these collection standards into legislation and then to deliver a redemption network that upholds the principles of an equitable deposit system, Redemption talked with:

  • Normand Bisson, President & CEO of the Quebec Beverage Container Recycling Association (QBCRA)
  • Alexis Eisenberg, Reloop Director for France and Francophonie

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